Disclaimer and Agreement on WIP News Letter delivery service
This service is to deliver the latest newsletter via PC or cellular phone to subscribers when the website of International Information Plaza is updated.
  • Subscriber’s information shall be used only in International Information Plaza and it shall not be used with his/her personal data written in other electronic media.
  • Personal information provided by subscribers shall not be disclosed or offered to a third party except as required by the law.
  • This service is free of charge, however, the subscribers shall bear the cost for receiving e-mails or connecting to internet.
  • This service may be cancelled or delayed temporarily without prior notice due to the malfunction of the line, system failure, maintenance or any other reasons. City of Higashiosaka is not responsible for any damage by which the subscribers or third parties could receive.
  • Please visit our website for more details of updated topics.
  • When the news letter could not be delivered three times consecutively for any reason, the registration will be cancelled. In that case, we are not responsible for any inconvenience caused.
  • For those who selected Korean language, the news letter will be sent in alphabet.
  • If you use spam e-mail filter for mobile phone, please make sure to change the setting so that your domain server recognizes “@city.higashiosaka.lg.jp”.